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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous experience?

No. We prefer it that way so that you haven't got any bad habits!

Is there a minimum age?

No, it all depends on your child whether or not they feel able to take on this abseil adventure. Some 8 year olds will abseil down alone and we reckon on most 10 year old achieving this challenge. You know your children, we don't, but we have a high success rate by gently coaxing and encouraging them. If all else fails, we can 'buddy' them up with a parent and send them down with Mum or Dad or even a confident elder sibling. If you do book an abseil and someone in the group backs out, unfortunately we can not give a refund.

How long is the session?

2½ hours maximum

How many goes will I get?

We generally expect everyone to have at least 3 goes each, often more. There are a few factors that influence this.
1) The number in the group. We work on a maximum of as 1:8 ratio. If there are more than 8, there will be two members of staff and we will rig two abseil points.
2) Your energy levels! In a smaller group, you will probably get bored or run out of energy walking back up the steps after each abseil before you are out of session time.

Will we be sharing our session with anyone else?

Generally we like you to have your own session, however, during busy periods we may find it necessary for you to join with another of our bookings, if compatible. There may also be other centres or providers with their groups at the bridge.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Well if it is raining, you will get wet! Millers Dale bridge is quite an exposed place so do dress appropriately for the given weather, both good and bad. It is usually only snow or ice that stops us as it is a very safe and controlled environment. If it is marginal we will contact you immediately to discuss our options. It is our decision on safety grounds to decide to cancel or postpone an event. In this case, an alternative date will be offered or a full refund given.

Are your staff qualified?

Oh yes! All our staff have a relevant National Governing Body award appropriate, often a lot higher, to operate abseils at Millers Dale Bridge. They all have 10 or more years professional experience in the outdoor industry. All are First Aid qualified and CRB checked.